It's a new week of shows and it's time for me to hit up another concert tonight. There are always heaps of shows going on each night, and I originally intended to provide a more comprehensive list of each show, but since there are plenty of lists out there, I'm just going to focus on the ones I'll go to (or would go to), though I may mention others from time to time. There's never a shortage of new bands to check out and tonight at the Larimer Lounge will be no exception. It's somewhat difficult to describe bands I'm not yet familiar with, but I'll take you along on my research journey. The common theme at the show I'm going to tonight is rock; alternative rock, blues rock, and crossover rock. It should be an interesting mix, but it seems all the bands tonight have a lighthearted attitude that they share.

The Constellations are the headliners tonight, and this band is visiting Denver from Atlanta, GA. I call this band crossover rock because they have a rock foundation but are heavily influenced by the many styles found in the music culture melting pot that is the city in which they came from. Their resulting sound is one that is blend of jazzy blues-rock, soul and hip-hop. They cite Tom Waits and Cee-Lo as heavy influences, so imagine the combination of those sounds. The lyrical content is an ode to Atlanta night life - both the good and seedy parts. It should be an interesting show to see live. Check out "Felicia" and "Setback".

Joining The Constellations is Woodrose, a local blues-rock band from Boulder. They take the old spirit of rock 'n' roll and wrap it around the blues - like a more driving, forceful and energetic Black Keys. They have that old rock sound and the lead singer has that shrill classic rock voice, yet there is something very contemporary about their sound as well. I bet they will have a ton of on stage energy. Check out "Oh, Sasha" and "Easy Jewish Girl".

The Foot is a Denver based band made up of members from across the country. This band is also heavily influenced by many styles and share some similarities with the other bands on the bill while still maintaining a completely different overall sound. Their instrumentation is a mixture of classic and blues rock with a heavy dose of nineties alternative rock. The vocals transition smoothly from hard rock to a softer indie rock sound. Check out "Johnny Got It Wrong" and "Corner of Sunset".

DJ Iridel is the wildcard on the bill. I haven't been able to find any information or music for this musician, so there's only one way for me to find out. I'll let you know what I hear tonight.

The show starts at the Larimer Lounge at 8:30 tonight and tickets are $13 at the door.

The Constellations - Felicia by Spider-man-trip
The Constellations - Setback by Illeskimo

Oh, Sasha by WOODROSEismusic
Easy Jewish Girl by WOODROSEismusic

Johnny Got It Wrong by The Foot.
Corner of Sunset by The Foot.

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