I'm still working on trying to be more on top of concert updates, as in not discovering bands the day they will play their show and then trying to tell you about them but instead doing my research more ahead of time. But until then, I suppose this will have to do. In today's search for musical happenings around Denver, I discovered this show at the Larimer Lounge, and although I haven't been feeling well lately, I think I just might make it out tonight.

Maren Parusel comes from San Diego, California, and they'll be bringing a dreamy form of indie pop-rock with to Denver tonight. Like I said, I just found out about these guys, so I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert on this band. Instead, I'll recommend you listen to "Ordinary Day" and "Don't Take Your Eyes Away". They will start playing at 10:00PM.

Before Maren Parusel plays their set, Denver locals Number Station will kick things off at 9:00PM. If you think Maren Parusel has a tinge of darkness to their sound, Number Station might as well be cave creatures that have been in darkness so long they have evolved without eyes. At least that's what I can tell from the small sampling of music I could find. They are by no means the darkest band out there, but in this lineup they are obsidian. Listen to "Cinnamon and Cherries" and "Riverbed" to get an idea of their slightly sludge-like psychedelic garage sound.

Interestingly enough, Firemouth, another local Denver band, will be playing after Maren Parusel, despite not actually being the headliners. I suppose the idea is to get you to leave the venue feeling a little more upbeat. These guys play a blend of funk-tinged garage blues-rock and seem to have a good amount of energy behind their sound. Check out "All That You Needed" and "Hard to See".

I don't usually go and check out unknown bands the day I find out about them, but there are worse things I could do on a Wednesday night. Plus, I like going out and supporting local bands and hearing new things. Best of all, it's at a small venue and entrance is cheap - $10. If you don't have anything better to do, come join me!

Maren Parusel - Don't Take Your Eyes Away by Concerted Effort

Number Station - Cinnamon and Cherries by Concerted Effort
Number Station - Riverbed by Concerted Effort

All That You Needed by Firemouth
Hard To See by Firemouth

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