I'll admit it, the big concert on my calendar today wasn't at the Hi-Dive, it was actually the one happening at the Ogden Theater. I had marked the Ellie Goulding and Bag Raiders show a while back and although I had mild interest in checking out Ellie Goulding, I was pretty excited to see Bag Raiders. I'm sure Ellie Goulding would be great to see; she's got a beautiful...voice. I'll have a chance to see Bag Raiders later this week playing a show with one of my favorite local bands, ManCub, so I'm skipping the Ogden tonight in favor of seeing three cool acts at the Hi-Dive.

The headliner tonight is Those Darlins, the trio of Jessi, Nikki and Kelley Darlin and drummer Linwood Regensburg who come to us from Tennessee. These guys have an awesome sound - they took classic country and gave it a punk-garage twist. The end product sounds like it easily could have come from another era - imagine Nancy Sinatra with attitude backed by a lo-fi garage band. These guys are sure to be an incredible live show. Check out "Mystic Mind" and "Night Jogger".

Motopony come from Washington state, and are another band influenced heavily by retro styles. It's hard to pen down exactly what these guys sound like because they put a lot of diversity in their music. I suppose you can call them indie-pop-rock, but they've got some folk and country mixed in there and throw synthesizers and drum machines in the mix from time to time. Check out "King of Diamonds" and other tracks off of Motopony's Facebook band page.

The last band on the docket has me very excited, because they are another awesome local Denver band. Lil' Thunder is made up of Marie Litton, Joey Coloroso, Dan Fox and Tom Ventura, and together they play indie alt-rock with a slight retro flair. I don't know much about them, but I'll be sure to report anything I find out. Until then, you can hear their self-titled EP on their BandCamp page; I like "Lady Lazarus".

I'm really excited to rock out tonight and I'm more than happy to check out another local band. Come on down to the Hi-Dive with your dancing shoes on. Tickets are just $10 and the doors open at 7:00PM, so the show shouldn't run too late (I know it's Monday night). Hope to see you there!

Those Darlins - Mystic Mind by Concerted Effort
NIGHTJOGGER by Those Darlins

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