I'm switching things up a bit and going to a place I haven't been yet to check out a show. Rhinoceropolis is more of an art space than a venue, but they consistently bring in heavy hitters in the underground music scene. Tonight is no exception as the Rhino will feature indie-punk rockers The Men, experimental rockers Religious Girls, local neo-hardcore group Civilized, local punk rock group Hot White, and local hardcore punk group Negative Degree.

The Men are a quartet that comes from Brooklyn, NY and are making a stop in Denver tonight as part of their busy tour for the release of their new album Leave Home. They will be bringing along with them their hard-hitting layered-noise punk along with them. They seem to put a lot of focus on the instrumentation - there's quite a bit of order going on in what might initially seem as chaos. Guaranteed to be a high energy show. Check out "Bataille" and "Night Landing".

Religious Girls musical style is as different to The Men's as the distance is between where the two bands call home. Religious Girls come from the west coast - Oakland, CA. They are made up of multi-instrumentalists who have all been part of different rock genres before they came together as a band; math rock, pop, metal and noise-rock. The resulting product is hard to describe but quite amazing. Each song is a different musical journey using complex non-repeating structures matched with echoed tribal chant-like vocals. It should be incredible to see and hear live. Check out "OG" and "Colorwheel".

Photo from Westword

Civilized is a Denver punk project that I believe used to known as Ego Complex. If that's the case, then expect to hear something like the YouTube video below.

Hot White is a trio of local experimental punk rockers featuring a female lead singer. I think they sound pretty rad - check out the video below.

Photo from Westword

Negative Degree is the last band on the bill and are another local punk outfit featuring a more "traditional" punk sound. Check out "Service Industry" and "Punch Out".

Obviously I don't know that much about these bands yet and because they are so underground, information is pretty hard to come by. Hopefully I've found enough to give you an idea and I'll definitely have a better idea after tonight. The show starts at 9:30PM and costs $5.

The Men - Bataille by sacredbones
Night Landing - The Men by Vincent Van Golgoth

Religious Girls - "OG" by Creeping Wave
Colorwheel by Religious Girls

Service Industry by Negative Degree
Punch Out by Negative Degree

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