After two nights of hip-hop in a row, I'm going to visit the Hi-Dive again to check out some more local music - this time in the form of indie experimental rock. It seems there is a surprise quality local act lurking behind every corner I look, and tonight, I'm expecting a real treat.

The Marrow is a local five-some playing some cool atmospheric experimental folk-jazz. They recently released a four track EP with songs that blend from beginning to end, taking the listener on a diverse musical journey. I don't know how their music will translate live, but I'm very excited to find out. Check out "Lady Lizbeth".

Dave Devine is a guitarist and instructor at Metro State and CU Denver. I haven't yet been able to come across any of his music, but I know that he has performed across the country and across the world. He's been involved with several bands; Delby L, Greybird, Momenterra, Relay, and Static Trio. I just found out about Delby, but it sounds like awesome instrumental progressive indie rock I can really get into. Greybird is along the same lines. Static trio also sounds particularly sweet. I'll definitely be checking these bands out further, but for tonight, it's all about Dave!

I'm very excited to check out Mercuria and the Gemstars. They've got a sweet female-led indie rock vibe going on, and I'm sure they'll be quite profound to check out live. They are a fearsome foresome that are sure to rock out. Check out "Shrine".

I know I haven't offered much as an in-depth preview, but the truth is I'm still learning about these bands. I'll definitely report my findings after I'm done checking them out tonight. The show starts around 9:00PM and tickets are only $6!

Lady Lizbeth by The Marrow

Mercuria and the Gem Stars - Shrine by Concerted Effort

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