Although I haven't been to the Fox Theatre in a while, it is definitely a venue I have fond memories of. I've been there numerous times, mostly while I was attending CU Boulder, and it was always the place to go to see great shows. Tonight I will return to this venue to see some more local Colorado talent.

Glowing House are the headliners and I'm pretty excited to see these guys again. OK, so their sound is more serious and I know not everybody is into folk, but there is something about this band, especially live, that is very moving. You can read my thoughts about their show at the Hi-Dive, or hear one of their newer songs in my preview write-up for that show. I'm going to leave the rest of this post to introduce you to the other bands that will be at this show.

Unfortunately, this will be the second to last show ever for The Sunshine House, a wonderful six-piece contemporary folk band from Fort Collins. I wish I found out about these guys sooner, but now I feel privileged to get the opportunity to see this band perform live. They take the framework of folk music and blend in indie rock sensibilities with orchestral overtones. It'd be the perfect soundtrack to take with you if you are going to see the turning leaves this upcoming fall. Check out "Crazy Horse (Bull Run)".

You, Me and Apollo is another Fort Collins band; the product of Brent Cowles. This is a folk band that sprinkles shades of blues, country and indie-rock to come up with a quite delicious sound. I'm honestly at a loss of words when it comes to trying to describe this band other than you will laugh, you will cry, and you will leave satisfied. Check out "Coming Home in a Coffin".

The last band on the bill, Churchill, is a Denver-based acoustic indie-folk-rock band. This band has also blended a myriad of styles to deliver a sound that isn't easy to pinpoint, as there are shades of blues, bluegrass, contemporary folk, modern country and gospel throughout their music, but if I were to label them, I'd say they were folk-country. To me, their recorded material seems over-produced and pop-like, so it isn't exactly my favorite, but I'm eager to see how they translate their music in a live setting. Listen to "The Way You Live" to see what I mean.

I'm pretty excited to see this concert, because although I'm stepping out of my usual comfort zone (I listen to folk now and then, but it was never my favorite genre of music), these bands have quickly been making me become a fan. I'm especially glad to see that all this talent is coming from my own backyard. The show starts in Boulder at 9:00PM, and tickets are as low as $8.

The Sunshine House - Crazy Horse (Bull Run) by Concerted Effort
YOU ME & APOLLO - Coming Home in a Coffin by Bohemian Nights
The Way You Live by churchillband

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