It's time to head back to the Larimer Lounge for some more electronic goodness. Tonight, the Lounge will host three local Denver electronic bands and a national chillwave artist. It'll feature hot new electro sounds from across the spectrum - chillwave, dreampop, dubstep. Break out the glow sticks, put on some fluorescent colors, and come on out and dance the night away.

The headliner tonight is Brothertiger, and the best way I can describe him is he's the stateside version of Chad Valley. Brothertiger (John Jagos) is from Athens, OH, and he'll be bringing to Denver tonight his brand of melodic chillwave. It's like taking '80s new wave and making it airy. His soft vocals will have you floating but the instrumentals will still keep you going on the dance floor. Check out "Lovers".

E.V.S., or Eternal Vibration Sequence is almost like a jamtronica band along the lines of Sound Tribe Sector 9, but they feature a wider variety of styles in their performance - both slow and fast paced jams. Cole Hopfenspirger, Tom Moore and Steven Bullen round out the group, who use computer control surfaces and live drumming to produce their range of sounds. Expect hard hitting electro with splashes of dirty womp. Check out "Feverish Trifecta".

I've talked about Flashlights before, and I'm very excited to catch them live again. I missed their release party earlier this month and then they went on a west coast tour. They're back home ready to coo Denver with their sweet dreampop. Check out "Glowing Eyes".

Hollagramz is another local electronic act, and this one also has a diverse electronic style. Holloagramz' music is a merge of dubstep and house, so I guess all call it tripstep dubhouse. The songs are bass heavy but they're not all slow and low, as they often employ Latin inspired beats (cumbia, salsa, reggaeton) and other worldy influences like UK 2-Step garage. Check out "Spectral Crush".

The show starts as the Larimer Lounge at about 9:00PM. Tickets are $15 at the door.

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